Thursday, 6 December 2012

0 Feedback about height increasing insoles and shoe lifts

Here are some quotes from customers who have bought height increasing insoles from us and here is what they have to say about them....

"Height increasing insoles are really good after i bought my pair i started wearing them straight away and the height increase was straight away!
I noticed also when i started to wear them that my height really did make a impact on my social life as i had more confidence in myself!"

"10 out of 10 these shoe lifts are really good and do exactly what they are meant to!"

"Height increasing insoles really do work"

"Just bought my height increasing insoles and now i am tall... finally"

"Im already tall but the height increasing insoles has made me even taller"

"These are perfect and just what i have been looking for"

"The insoles are really comfortable to wear, iv had no trouble with them"

"Everyone thinks i am naturally taller but what they don't know is that i am wearing height increasing insoles lol"

"You can adjust the height on the shoe lifts which super"

If you have any more comments please comment below and tell us your thoughts on height increasing insoles whether good or bad we would like to hear from you!


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