Wednesday, 5 December 2012

0 What's with wikipedia saddo moderators? wikipedia is full of nasty pigs.

What is with the moderators on wikipedia are they the most saddest people in the world or something? Surely there has to be millions of edits a day but oh no they will edit anything that might be deemed as un "pc" or maybe actually might be self promoting in any way.... I was reading some moderators talk page and some one requested they re add a link to a page of some library or something saying that its only right if their library had a wikipedia page then should they have a link to their own website? The person typed out a really polite and good post and all the stupid wikipedia replied with was No. People at wikipedia are intentionally mean and know it the wiki moderators name was something like mean as custard..... yeah nasty pig!

Anyway comment below if you think wikipedia is full of saddos with no life.


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