Saturday, 22 December 2012

0 Shoe insoles

Shoe insoles can do a whole number of different functions depending on the type of shoe insert you use, you can use shoe insert for:

  • orthopedic correction, 
  • athletic performance,
  • foot and joint pain relief caused by arthritis, 
  • to help ease and heal the pain from injuries,  
  • daily wear comfort, 
  • increasing the wearer's height 
  • smell reduction, 
  • correcting discrepancies in leg length

Orthotic insoles

Some times corrective foot insoles can be called orthotic insoles as well and may have been designed with arch support in mind.
Orthotic insoles have the primary function of aligning and correcting a person foot position which will help ease the pain and discomfort that the person maybe suffering from because of unaligned feet.

Shoe lifts

Shoe lifts (also known as heel lifts, elevator inserts, lift kits) are used to help increase the height of the wearer some shoe lifts can increase the height of the person wearing them by as much as 5 inches. You can shoe lifts that can also be adjusted in size if someone wants to gradually increase their height over a period of time so that people are not suspicious.


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