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0 Shoe lifts lift confidence and earnings!

Shoe lifts lift confidence and earnings!

It is a well known fact that taller people have more confidence and have more to be confident about over smaller people.
That is why so many people search on google "how to get taller", "ways to get taller" and "increasing height methods?"
There are actually very few methods to actually get taller aprt from surgery your only other option to physically get taller is exercise and diet.
Both surgery and diet and exercise do not guarantee you success, as height is mainly down to genetics.
Exercise and diets take along time to actually see the effects of your hard work and can sometimes never actually work if you have stopped growing but I have the solution to your problems they are called height increasing insoles.
Height increasing insoles are like shoe lifts that you slot into your shoes and like magic you are alot taller.
The benefits of being taller dont stop at just being taller as when you increase your height you will have more of a say in the work place, people will listen to you and you will have more overall authority and most importantly confidence in your self.
Poeple will not have any idea you are wearing the height increasing insoles either because they are hidden in the soles of your shoes making it impossible for anybody to know you have height increasing insoles on.
Height increasing insoles are the only way to really guarantee a increase in height and they show results instantly!

To buy height increasing insoles check out this website

Shoe lifts

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0 Dont let people look down on you

Confidence is very important that is why increasing your confidence can be achieved by also increasing your height.
Dont let people look down on you but stand tall and demand authority. But how can you achive this well with height increasing insoles you can drmatically increase you height within seconds of inserting the shoe lifts into your shoes and putting your shoes on it is that simple to be tall!

you can read more about confidence and increasing height here

0 Shoe lift are really great! And they work!

Shoe lifts and height increasing insoles are really cool! If you are wanting to be taller or if you are already tall and want to be taller height increasing shoe lifts can really work for you and increase your height instantly!
You can buy shoe lifts or height increasing insoles (which ever you call them) quite cheaply online! They are so reasonably priced and can easily change your life as they can give you a huge confidence boost as people start to look up to you as you will be much taller than they are plus they are really comfy to wear to!

0 height increasing insoles and shoe lifts

Did you know the only way to increase your height is by height increasing insoles! These are shoe lifts that can be hidden in your shoes and are really good at increasing your height and nobody will know you have them on because they are hidden insoles.
Shoe lifts and height increasing insoles is an inexpensive way to boost your height and confidence you can buy them online at a good price as well and they beat all the exercise and diet plan alternative to increasing your height as well.

0 The Birkenstock sandals

The Birkenstock sandals and may be as comfortable wearing-friendly, in the cold season and in the open we must refrain. But this does not mean that we generally have to give the unique comfort of Birkenstock.

Our deposits and foot beds program you bring more comfort in the blink of an eye in all of your shoes. We offer different deposits with special features that are tailored exactly to your needs.

You have only the a couple feet! You should therefore be careful and treat them accordingly. Compensate for the lack of an "ordinary shoe Interior" with the foot comfort of Birkenstock.

The anatomical design of insoles and foot beds and the use of high-quality, natural materials guarantee the well-being of your feet. In the enclosed brochure will find the ideal companion at every step!

0 A big step in terms of comfort insoles

A big step in terms of comfort
Wolky foot beds are known for their convenience, one might ask whether it is more convenient. We can assure you, yes it is possible if the soles are individually designed.
Since Joyce wants to go even more special on the questions and wishes of its customers, the 'FS' program has been developed. These deposits are made to any inconvenience caused during the run and to counteract or to relieve and to offer even more comfort and support. The Wolky FS is not correct, but they are for optimum comfort, prevention or relief of not yet painful inconvenience.

Joyce has developed for an optimal fit in cooperation with the company of LFT, 4 different versions (Anatomy and hardness). After a few short questions and a precise foot analysis is selected which footbed for you is best suited.
The feet support foot beds are made from the best materials and all have a leather cover which corresponds to the strictest environmental requirements. No chrome is used in the tanning process, as a result, these foot beds are skin-friendly and non-allergenic.

Wolky feet support insoles help following inconvenience;
-Burning or inflamed feet
-Tired feet
-Sensitive hoes
-Unstable heels
-Reduced Vorfuβ
-Reduced Mittelfuβ
-Sensitive Shins

0 Great custom made insoles

Ultimate comfort
Each person is unique, as no pairs of feet as another. Wolky manufactures foot beds according to their individual claim. For years, Joyce has clear ideas in relation to feet support. This is plain to see extra on our standard foot beds, which are processed in our shoe and sandal collection. Where comfort and quality are the most important aspects.
We offer the feet support individual therefore customers with special needs program.

Feet support individual
This foot beds, Joyce goes a step further. Feet support individual is intended for people who need a footbed that is made to measure.
With feet support individual you choose:
-A perfect fit, because the foot bed is customized
-Optimal support to prevention and reduction of complaints
-High quality materials increase the comfort
-Leather which meets the strictest environmental requirements, chrome free tanned, this skin-friendly and non-allergenic

Their insoles are made after a thorough analysis (scan) your feet. The digital scan of your foot is sent and then cut out with a computer-controlled milling machine. Then the foot beds by hand be elaborated further. To get your insoles, within a very short time.
Initially it may cause in some cases muscle tension or tired feet. This is completely normal, your feet must only adapt to the insole. To relax your feet, take at the foot beds out of the shoes. After approximately 2 weeks, the habituation process should be completed.

0 Features of good insoles

1. Deep heel cup
It gives firm hold of the foot and supports the natural tissue.

2. Cross arch support
It provides the natural and correct state.

3. Inner and outer
Longitudinal arch support
It gives balance the foot occur.

4. Flip-flops
It enables the optimal guiding of the toes for a natural running
movement of the foot.

5 Cork LaTeX insoles
It is extremely flexible and
provides for the unique
very comfortable to wear.

6. Suede cover
It ensures
a good climate
all around the foot.

7 Bed edge
He was pulled up extra, to protect the toes.
Birkenstock is the inventor of the first, flexible Cork deep foot bed of the world. Only the best raw materials are used for the original Birkenstock insoles:
light Cork, finest jute yarns and high-quality natural latex.

These valuable materials contribute to the exceptional comfort of Birkenstock shoes.

No part of the body is similar to heavily polluted in the course of life as the foot. Heavy duties fall to him. The foot - or better: the feet keep the body in balance, they absorb vibrations and wear the whole body weight. Therefore, it is important to support the feet - especially when walking on hard floors as much as possible.

The anatomical shape of the original Birkenstock foot bed allows the even distribution of body weight over the entire surface of the foot and supports the foot in a perfect way.

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0 You can increase the height because of our body's ability to develop.

You can increase the height because of our body's ability to develop. With proper stretching and exercise our muscles and bones will increase its length to a certain degree. The back is elastic enough that you can increase its length by performing the right exercises. By developing cartilage of the vertebrae, alone, would a person grow 3 inches taller. Proper stretching exercises commence also production of the growth hormone, which is responsible in the add 4 to 6 inches to your height.

There have been many studies and instances, as evidence that stretches increase the height. Women of the Karen tribe in Thailand wore brass coils to lengthen their necks. Some of the tribal members have neck reached 10-15 inches. These are the results of the stretches by gradually increasing the number of brass coils. With the right stretch exercises, you do not need to wear brass rings to increase your height. To make a good stretching routine and perform it daily will give you similar results.

Models use extends to acquire a tall and sexy figure. Their long and slim body is a product of regular stretching. Yoga, which is also used by models, is another form of stretching that helps maintain their beautiful bodies celebrities. We can almost see Victoria's secret models do some stretches the whole time.
Athletes, especially basketball players, resort to stretching to increase the height. They are presumed not to be as high as now. Their daily routines of exercises have developed their muscles and bones to achieve a desirable degree. Compared with ordinary people grow athletes 4 to 6 inches more because of stretching alone. Their long body is a tribute to everyday life is stretched. Athletes hire even professional instructors to develop a stretching routine that would fit their sport. You know that a baseball pitcher that arm is longer than the other?

Stretch is best effective if done early in the straight right-the morning after you get out of bed. It is during this period that the spine is the most flexible, because sleeping relieves the spine from the pressure caused by header. Perform 20 minutes on a regular basis of lines increase height by 3-4 inches as early as 6 weeks. It is also important to sleep for at least 8 hours a day. One of the main aims of the stretching is to improve the spine to make it longer and sleeping will also help to achieve.

If you are over 23 years old, do not lose hope, because the correct lines, you can increase the height even if other people say otherwise. Although the younger people can benefit the most in stretches, mid-20s can still get a couple of inches. There have been reports that even the person who is 25 years can achieve an average of 3 inches.

Develop a stretching routine is very important. The correct lines, you can increase the height because it targets in the back, neck and other bones. Discipline and consistency plays a major role in achieving your dream to a higher you. these lines, you can increase the height if done regularly and by using the correct techniques.

0 Height increasing vitamins

Height increasing vitamins

Vitamins are probably the numerous important nutrition bunch when it comes to human growth. You can survive without proteins, thrive without fats and a lot to lose outside carbohydrates, but without an adequate dose of the essential vitamins, your growth could be stunted (not to talk about other vitamin deficiency problems, plans to bring tonnes). Height increase vitamins

If you're looking for to grow higher, it is important to realize the importance of vitamins and their effects on your height. Just do not reject these as something your mother pestered you always on; without vitamins, there is no way that you would ever grow tall.

There are primarily two types of vitamins: fat soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins.

Water soluble vitamins are necessary for the day-to-day functioning of the body. These few dissolved in water (hence the name), and they are removed from the body on a daily basis (through sweat, urine and feces). Examples of water-soluble vitamins is vitamin b and C.

Fat-Soluble vitamins, on the other hand, can be stored in the body. So all you need to do as frequent or as high a dose. (A), (D), (E) and (k) fall under this category. Height increase vitamins

When it comes to height increase, is the most important vitamin vitamin a. it is necessary to stimulate prouction of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the body. It is also responsible for the repair and growth of body cells. So it works as a mason of the body, build it up, brick for brick.

Other vitamins which play a role in growth, d and B6. Vitamin d can not be produced in the body, but it is freely available in solar radiation. If you want it, spend just 15 minutes out in the Sun. It is important for building bones and muscle fiber. Like vitamin a aids in cell growth and also B6 building of muscle tissue. Height increase vitamins

If you get these vitamins from is a matter of taste and convenience. Typically, you should obtain them from a wide range of fruits, vegetables, meat and cereals. Dietary restrictions may, however, make this a bit difficult. In this case, you can select pills or dietary supplements. While not as effective as the physical form, make these quite enough job when it comes to height increase.

0 Exercises to increase height

Are you looking for what kind of stretching exercises to support your point, of course? You may ask about taking how? and what are the best exercises you can do?

Read on, because you may want to start with a number of these stretches that i do for increasing my height. It has really helped me There are many useful height ascending and spine extended exercises that releases natural growth hormones and also involve not only stretches but focus on workout routines.

Here are some of the basic exercises to help you grow taller:

1. Lines

2. hanging

3. Swimming

We just want to concentrate on one goal and talk about the first basic task, "lines". You must perform each stretching exercise 10 times before you proceed to the next. Exercises to increase height

1. Bridge posture

Lie down with your knees bent and be sure that your feet remain flat on the floor. In the meantime, keep your butt close to your feet. Hold on your ankles and then slowly raise your hips, lifting your abdomen to the ceiling. It would be difficult to do this in your first attempt, but you'll need it. Maintain this position for 5 seconds.

2. Cobra Stretch

I think this is the most popular among other spine extended postures. Start by lying on the floor to keep your Palms just below your shoulders. Lift your body and start to arch your back as far back as you can. Keep the same position for 10 to 15 seconds, and then repeat.

3. Bending down Stretch

Put your hands on your hips then bend forward as you can. Make sure that you keep your knees straight. Hold your position for at least 5 seconds. Exercises to increase height

If you perform the exercises stretch exercises that dutifully increase your height naturally while you are still in your growth years will you faster your height increase by increasing the release of your natural growth hormones.

Tired of being Shorties? Rebuild your self confidence by downloading your exercises For increasing height pogram now.

If you want ot read another artcile about increasing your height throught exercise why not read this artcle:

Increase your height through stretching exercises

0 Insoles absorb the impact of your foot when walking

A lot of people with disorders in the legs that can be treated with medical devices prescribed by the doctor. Thus, the quality of life can be improved by medical products for Orthopedic, namely silicone insoles.

Thanks to insoles and the properties of silicon insoles pays off both requests, as well as in the static position. They have different densities, the blue areas which are softer than the rest of the foot, which minimizes pressure, adapting perfectly to the anatomy of the foot. Amy insoles-Plant, silicon, absorb the entire foot applications, in particular in the areas of support at the level of the metatarsal and heel. Orthopedic products are extreme, due to the fact that prevent the emergence of pressure at the level of the heel and the broken metatarsal. Silicon insoles are prescribed to be worn in case of tired feet, weak and delicate or in cases of post-operative most survivable cancers. Furthermore, they can be worn when practising sports that require submission of an extended effort. The main feature of the inner soles of silicone is their elasticity.

Silicone insoles, three quarters, lined

Silicone insoles, three-quarters and lined, models-760F and PL-760, are made from silicon properties with metatarsal support and in the calcaneus, having different densities and deck. Being lined with a hypoallergenic polyester material, they prevent the emergence and growth of bacteria and are easily washed. Silicone insoles pays off both requests, as well as in the static position. Are recommended to be worn in talalgii, bursitis, metatarsal, calcaneal spur, fasciite planting and the diabetic foot. Furthermore, they can be given in case of fatigue or pain in the legs, as a result of surgery or during sports practice.

Silicone insoles, long and complete

Silicone insoles, long and complete models-750F lined and PL-750, are made of silicone with metatarsal support, vâscoelastice and calcaneus. They have different densities, with support and bridge, and hypoallergenic polyester material with which they are lined, prevents the emergence and growth of bacteria, being easily washed.
Densităţile different areas of blue, which are softer than the rest of the foot, the pressure drop constribuie, adapting to the anatomy of the foot.

And they are recommended to be worn in talalgii, bursitis, metatarsal, calcaneal spur, fasciite planting and the diabetic foot. Furthermore, they can be given in case of fatigue or pain in the legs, as a result of surgery or during sports practice.

Silicone insoles, long, lined and without support

Silicone insoles, long, lined and without support, models-755F and PL-755, thanks to the Silicon from which they are made, pays off both requests, as well as in the static position. Mainly, these products offer Orthopedic Centre presents aceleşi features like silicone insoles, long and complete.

Silicone insoles, and extrafine lined

Extrafine insoles and are manufactured from silicone lined with other good insole materials, a very flexible material, extra fine, which allows adaptation to the majority of shoes due to the reduced thickness. These products support the calcaneus and metatarsal, densities, and support the deck. Hypoallergenic polyester material prevents the emergence and growth of bacteria, being easily washed. Requests during walking, but also in static position are reduced, as indicated in talalgii, bursitis, metatarsalgii, calcaneal spur, fasciite planting and the diabetic foot. Furthermore, they may be recommended in case of fatigue or pain in the legs, as a result of surgery or during sports practice.

Orthopedic Center, the leading provider of medical devices in Romania

Orthopedic Center provide patients medical products, higher standards. Specialists working in the Center identifies the needs of each patient and ensure that recommended the best solutions. Improving the quality of life for people who require Orthopedic Center support, mission specialists conducted with earnestness and professionalism every day.

0 softmoves insoles

Finally, the right product for the care of the feet, especially during the summer provides a great shock absorption and the freedom to use any kind of shoes.
SoftMoves pads feature a unique design that allows them to remain exactly where you need not fall, slide or move.
You can attach directly to your feet and enjoy the convenience of these pillows soft gel, even without shoes.
Ideal for use in sandals or flip-flops and shoes with heels or toes.
gel solution of SoftMoves impact absorbing, attaches directly to foot or shoe to absorb shocks and ensure comfort padded where necessary. Best of all, adhesive gel pads are transparent and SoftMoves to go unnoticed in any style of shoe.
Convenient solution for Sandals come in a presentation:
1 pair of SoftMoves pads at forefoot.
SoftMoves 1 pair of heel pads.

0 inner insoles

Inner soles are made of latex, on the one hand and on the top.
LaTeX cushions the foot, reduces vibrations and insulates.
Cotton ensures a more rapid absorption perspiration.
The soles are punched to fit the ventilation areas of footwear.

0 posture technique to for increasing height

Posture can increase your height by quite alot.

Posturologi is a treatment technique in which one focuses on the patient's posture. Subject based on ear-acupuncture, on schedule by several French faculty. Treatment is on the rise in several European countries, including Denmark and Germany.

Norwegian Orthopaedic Institute has been with posturologi since 2001. Our experience shows that when you can combine posturologi with the orthopaedic profession, then you can achieve a better outcome for patients. By using posturologi, you have a tool where you can do something about the cause of very many problems related to muscular and skeletal system.
"Posturologi is not alternative medicine, but a new method which combines several medical fields, and look more closely at the cause rather than the symptoms."
-Dr. Bernard, president of C.I.E.S. Bricot

The posturale system (PS) whose mission is to keep your body as much as possible vertically and horizontally. The attitude maintained by tonic muscles, muscle man can't control consciously. They work only after the impulses from the PS, which is located in the brain.

PS using multiple "radar" in order to be able to control their impulses to tonic musculature. From the base the information on how to stand on the ground. Your eyes tell you about how you stand in the room and balance organ in the ear, orient about gravity and the rotation of the body. The skin and muscles of the elbow joint.

During an examination, the patient considered in standing and sitting position. Post urologen (a specialist in attitude) looking for distortions and rotations in the patient. One is considered from the side, from behind and from the front. Values that one in particular is concerned, the shoulders and the pelvis.

-got sciatica
-Hip pains
-headaches migraine.
-neck pain \ wiplash
-knee pain
-muscle stiffness in one body half
-back pain

0 Orthopedic insoles and foot beds the benifits

Orthopedic insoles and foot beds

Benefits of orthopaedic insoles:
  • relieve foot
  • distribute press
  • correct the offset the stance
  • -elieve your legs so that you don't become stiff and tired
  • apply the leg length difference
To those who have big problems with their feet, it may be appropriate to create smooth foot beds in order to get an optimal result.
The sole is made from a footprint the casting of the foot, clinical examination of the foot and the conversation with the patient.

Materials we use vary, from which properties we want sole. Cork, leather, leather, plastics and rubber are some of the different raw materials we use.
All of the soles that are produced are supplied with warranty. This means that all correction during the first 6 months are free of charge.

Cross-Platform Foot \ Flat-footed

Pain may occur because it is cross-platform feet length flat-footed. Cross-platform feet are like a "national disease" to rain. In today's civilized society where you go with the "modern" shoes, and foot on artificial surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Muscles under foot is not stimulated properly, thus dwindling part of your foot's natural features.

Flat feet: the inner length bow is sunk. There will be over stretched muscles and ligaments, bones are displaced relative to each other.

Cross-platform feet: Sunken foot.. Joints of heel is lower down. One can be the length and cross-platform shoes at the same time, or just one of the parts.

When the foot is changing its position and losing his bow, the blood vessels and nerves that are otherwise protected under the arch, also have bad conditions. Muscles of the soles are relaxing and losing power because they are not being used.
The muscles that run up the back of the leg will be this overworked because their working conditions.

Thus, flat-footed. often result in pain in the legs. Other symptoms can be that easily get calluses under foot, shoes, underwear, sever discomfort in my knees, thighs, hips, back, neck or head.
Flat foot unit may be hereditary, but often also due to use of wrong shoe, and trampling on hard, flat surface, obesity or other conditions.

Such problems can be prevented or corrected at simple hierarchies in the shoes, but it is very important that this work is carried out by professionals. Error accumulation will be able cause placed major damage.

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0 Shoe lifts and height increasing insoles to increase your confidence cost effectivly

However, we find that the results are very slow and disappointing. Luckily we have another method of increasing height, of an individual 2-4 inches - height increasing insoles (shoe lifts). Although many people tend to wear cowboy boots or walking shoes to increase their height, they are often not suitable, especially if you live in certain countries.

Many researches carried out in the United States and the United Kingdom has shown taller men to gain more success in their career and to get the respect of their colleagues. There are certainly some exceptions, but people are discovering that increasing their height will help them to a large extent the attraction of people to win.

It is also a truth that many women find bigger men to be more handsome and attractive. The users of the height increasing insoles or shoe lift feel much more confident in its visual appeal and acceptance by the public. Shoe lifts, sometimes known as height insoles, address the concerns of comfort and ergonomics.

Keep in mind shoe lifts shoes differ from elevator. Shoe lifts are the adjustable thick deposits that are to be inserted into any kind of shoes and lift the custom-made shoes that are made with secret high heels integrated into the shoe to increase your height.

It is necessary that a customer from trusted companies buy elevator shoes, the only cause than with inferior material in the feet and ankles. Natural tension is important and appropriate spinal alignment allows one to appear larger. Due to less active lifestyles and habits in today's generation followed the spine is often slouched forward or bent. This bad impact on body structure and our health.

Elevator Shoes are very limited in design, size and also brand. The price of an elevator shoes are usually around or over $100, which is too expensive for many people. The good news is that height increasing insoles or shoes lifts are well designed, to be in fitted in any shoes you have. Shoe lifts and height increasing insoles are also much cheaper compared to an elevator shoes.

Shoe lifts and height increasing insoles are easy to use. Many famous celebrities have height insoles. Shoes-lift is the best and cost effective way, increase your height and improve your confidence like a Hollywood star.

0 Childrens insoles

Straight & Tall Junior Formthotics is a unique orthopaedic insole for children aged 3 to 9 years. Inserted into the child's shoes, which provide good support that is comfortable but at the same time natural.

Junior Formthotics-foot hygiene for children
Good foot hygiene is essential in all ages, but is actually the most important aller in the first years of the child's life. Good habits that will be started early prevents foot problems later in life. Precisely this is why we have developed Straight & Tall Junior Formthotics – a special orthopaedic insole for children that provide optimal support for your child's feet.

The shoe would be much more comfortable, but still natural. Our goal is to help to optimise the natural development of the child's muscular system.

In order to make the foot hygiene fun and development for your child, we have summarized a set of resources that your child will love-including The Play time Junior Activity Book and The Straight and Tall Club.

To you as parents, we have here the parent's Guide to Junior Formthotics. Because thorough and optimum foot hygiene is so important for small feet can Junior only comes through your Formthotics Footcare Health Professional.

You can also find lots of information about foot hygiene on our home page on , which can help your and your children's foot well-being.

0 Formthotics insoles

Medical Formthotics for problem feet!

-the medical product range of Formthotics is used by hight increasing insoles group around the world to treat a wide variety of foot and leg disorders such as hælsmerter, Shin splints and Achilles tendon injuries/damage.

Like most great inventions was the discovery of Formthotics very simple. A doctor wondered foot and leg problems when he went walking along the beach one day. He noticed his footprints in the sand and realized that most modern surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, are hard and flat, and thereby forcing our feet to distort and flatten, causing pain and discomfort.

Soft surfaces, such as sand, adapts to our foot forms and curves. He decided that if he made a special insole which shaped themselves according to the exact form of his patient footprint inside their shoes, he would be able to fix many of his patients ' foot and leg problems.

The extent of Formthotics medical has been developed in order to put your natural footprint back into your shoes.
Medical Formthotics provides long-lasting comfort and reduces fatigue/exhaustion, by supporting your entire foot and distributes this weight and pressure evenly. Their ability to stabilize the feet allows your body to function as it was designed for.

To make it easy for your feet specialist to identify the correct Formthotics model that matches your foot problem, your body weight and your level of activity, we have categorised our medical product range of Formthotics in two product categories-Classic and Formthotics Formthotics Select.

Formthotics Classic
Our product range of individual heat-mold Formthotics insoles for use in professional, personalised orthopaedic therapy. Formthotics Classic offers a proven and effective orthopaedic design which has been used by professionals within the health industry worldwide for more than 20 years.

Formthotics Select
Our product range of design customized orthopaedic insoles, where each model is designed specifically for use when comfort, accuracy ift. adaptation and suitability for specific problems with feet and pain in the lower limbs are immediate priorities for orthopaedic treatment.

0 Selling insoles!

Dear. It's time to remind the public how it is important to the health of every human in this healthy feet, exposed to unpleasant smells. To this end, from decades in all developed countries when buying footwear each culture self-respecting buyer footwear purchases at least one pair of inserts for shoes where he is offered shall at the store.

We promote in Poland buying shoes with leather insoles to any client that provides and enhances personal hygiene and comfort of the feet. The insoles are interchangeable, matching each type of shoes are very comfortable to improve wearing comfort shoes, after the capture of clean skin scent of leather without any perfume additives. The feet are tired and devoid of any unpleasant often embarrassing problems.
Recommended by dermatologists, also during treatment feet which unfortunately in some countries is not uncommon.
There are pasted, free of any chemical substances with the same thickness 0,7 mm cowhide or sheep's clothing in all sizes and quantities. Frequent inserts ensure elimination of been side effects, increases self-confidence and good shoes in the extended foot.
Our insoles are produced in England with the exported skin with Polish.
Prices depending on the ordered quantity of inserts are within the price from 20 to 45 zł for a pair.

Each insole is marked with the stamp with the logo of our company and packaged in a way that does not endanger the environment.

0 The Orthopedic insoles

The Orthopedic insoles and orthopedic AIDS are frequently used pressure points on the soles of the feet and chopping foot/foot spores/bent leg axis position, such as for delay of transverse Arch of the foot and longitudinal arch, deformity of toe ankles, Hammertoe.

Additional information:
Individual orthopedic insoles we form from thermoplastic materials in an impression system exactly according to the sole of your foot, or we make even the correction of feet by means of inserting corrective elements. We run even the designs of Orthopedic and also standard shoes, for example, the increase of shoe soles, by internal reviewers, etc.

0 why height increasing insoles are the best solution for getting taller

More and more people are using height increasing insoles in a attempt to be taller for both sport and in general social situations.

In many different sports it is important to be big for example in basketball it is a major advantage if you are much taller than everyone else as you can reach up to the basket much easier and catch balls flying high in the air.

So it is really annoying if you like playing basket  ball however you are just a little bit smaller than all the other players.
But a great solution to this is height increasing insoles giving you a couple more inches of height giving you the advantage instead of your opponents!

 Here is a example of how height can even benifit you in the buisness side of life.
If you are small work colleagues may look down at you and your authority as a person maybe underestimated  but a affordable fix to this is again height increasing insoles as a few inches added to your height could mean the difference between under average height and above average height in a matter of seconds.

The only other ways you would even see half the height increase you would with height increasing insoles would be if you had painful and expensive surgery or a diet and exercise plan that could take years to see the effects and even then if your bones have already fully grown you will not see any height increase at all.

So for a really affordable price you to can be tall as well!

read more on height increasing insoles here

0 Height increasing insoles are great

A great 3d insoles and height increasing blog!
As you all know that increasing your height increase your confidence aswell and a great way to increase your height is by buying height increasing insoles which as great ways to easily and quickly get tall fast!
You can place the insoles in any number of shoes and thats it you are tall! The insoles are light weight and easy to use you can put them in and out of the shoes when you choose.

They are designed around your foot aswell meaning when you wear the insoles they are comfortable. The insoles are inexpensive and affordable meaning they are the best tactic when wanting to be taller and a much better alternative to painfull surgery or a difficult diet and exercise plan.

For more great information about insoles or other ways to get taller why not check out this website to find out more:

increasing height insoles

0 What is height?

Height refers to the distance of an object point of a reference line or surface. It is a one-dimensional size and one of the three spatial dimensions that are specified in units of length (in meters).
For all physical objects on the Earth, the height is the perpendicular distance from a reference surface, so it requires a lot of direction. This applies to all bodies in a gravitational field, which provides a framework for top-down in the wider sense.

In General, the geometric height is the largest distance from a baseline (such as when the flat triangle) or a base, so the maximum of all normal distances of all points. The value is then called the total height of the object. This applies to a point, this is the tip of the object.
Example is the dimensions of an object in logistics, as well as the common parlance
This is also the Earth's surface as a reference consider (height above ground) for technical applications:
Buildings around the height of the building measured at a level point as the height of the building, and the Ridge height up to the top of the roof, to which reference is made in the building codes. Skyscrapers around, carrying in addition high antennas, height can be measured up to their top tip (structural height); see tallest building.


Different height systems for the high altitude, which are based on different definitions of height and reference areas used in geodesy. This reference surface at mean sea level measured at a level are moored for the specification of terrain altitude (or elevation).
Therefore, the geosciences in absolute and relative height is different:
the absolute level is the "level above zero":
Height above sea level (m above NN, m a.s.l. A. m ü. M.) in relation to a surveying character set as the zero point. Because the systems of different countries relate nodes, and even different seas on different, a jump in the altitude is built on the borders.
In the higher Geodesy the ellipsoidal, dynamic, orthometrische, normal orthometric and the normal height in relation to a figure of the Earth; see height (Geodesy)
the relative height (terrain elevation) is the height above the ground, the physical height to which a geographical object dominates the environment
"The highest mountain in the world" generally as an example of the difference here, Mount Everest, which is with discretion 8,848 meters above sea level in absolute amount, but is relative height to the base of the mountain at the bottom of the deep sea this a Vulkan of Mauna Kea, a peak of the Massif, forming the island of Hawaii. In addition, there are further bases for the height (to the Earth's Center as an absolute amount in relation to a soil that is idealized as a ball) or prominence; see the highest mountain.

Other heights references

At altitudes is the height above ground with AGL (above ground level, height), the height above sea level MSL (mean sea level, altitude), and the height in relation to the FL as FL (flight level)
In the railway industry it is on Rails road at street level (middle layer edge)
Height is also the abbreviation for elevation angle (usually in degrees or radians), about the astronomical amount of a star above the mathematical horizon, or the pile (latitude).

0 height

The height has several meanings, depending on the discussed area.

Metrology (measurement science):
The height is the vertical distance from a point (or assimilated to a point object) and a reference level specified. Equivalently, the dimension of an object taken in the vertical direction. See international system of units.
In altimetry and geography, the height is named "altitude" when it measures the altitude (h) of a land point from a reference level (which is usually a Datum or reference ellipsoid). Not to be confused with the lift (H) of a terrestrial point.


The height is a perpendicular line segment that passes through the vertex of a polygon, a cylinder or a pyramid to its base.
The height of a triangle is the derived right of a Summit and that is perpendicular to the opposite side. Example: In a triangle ABC, the height H following the Summit A is perpendicular to the side [BC].


In astronomy, the height is the angle that is referred to the horizontal direction; It is the complement of the zenith distance. The height and azimuth are the horizontal coordinate system.


The depth of water is the magnitude reached by the tide at a given time; It is determined by a calculation of tide. Added to the probe indicated on the chart, it allows to know the effective depth at this time (maps marine - Datum reference level - being of the seas).
The height of an object (reef, wreck...) covered by the tide is counted since the chart datum and specified on the map by an underlined digit.
the height of a bitter, a tag, home to a lighthouse or the deck of a bridge is shown on nautical charts from the level reached by the full 95 coefficient seas.

Air navigation

The height is the vertical distance from a point to the ground. Not to be confused with altitude or flight level.
The elevation is the vertical distance from a point to the level of the sea. Therefore, the height and the altitude are equal above the sea.
The flight level (or FL = Flight level) is an isobaric surface. It is equal to the altitude where atmospheric pressure is 1013 hPa at sea level and sea level temperature is 15 ° C. It is only in this condition and above the sea height = altitude = flight level.
These definitions are common to all those moving in the air, the long-haul flight to the parachutist.

0 foot pain


The HV combines several strains that are:
hallux abductus if M1P1 > 10 °;
a metatarsus varus if M1M2 > 10 °;
a metatarsus elevatus
pronation of the big toe (not always present).
These deformations are not necessarily at the same time. There is an obstruction, which can be very painful to the medial edge of the first metatarsal head.
Etiology [edit]

This malformation is a female-dominated and often bilaterale1. There are two main forms: one is acquired by progressive failure of the first metatarsal (aging, repetitive strain injuries, overload) systems. It is hallux valgus secondary, which represents 70% of the cases. In this case, the role of a bad fit is important (too narrow shoes) 2.
The other, related to a lack of orientation of the metatarsal head, is called "juvenile" as it appears in the second decade of the life of the patient. It is hereditary and transmitted by the mother with genetic penetrance variable of 72%. It represents 30% of the cases.
In humans, it is often associated with overweight and the presence of plats3 feet.
Pathophysiology or deformity [edit] mechanisms

Lateral subluxation of the proximal phalanx on the metatarsal head [edit]
Consequences of this lateral subluxation of the proximal phalanx on the metatarsal heads, are observed several secondary changes
Retraction of the capsule on its side ("fibular") side
Thinning of the capsule on its medial ("tibial") side
Medial surface of varying sizes
Pronation of the hallux to in relation to the intensity of the deviation
Medial deviation of the first metatarsal with the intermetatarsal angle value. This was the stripping of the sesamoid, anchored laterally by the transverse ligament of intermetatarsal deep.

Read more on foot pain at:

0 podiatry

Three professions are commonly of podiatry: the pedorthist, the Podiatrist and the Orthopedic-orthotic.
Podiatry is a medical science on the study, prevention, diagnosis and appropriate management of the pathologies of the lower extremity, foot and ankle included. Care of first resort, the podiatry takes into account problems, pain, local and systemic events related to this part of the body. The foot support can be educational, preventive, curative, require long term treatment, or research.
The pedorthist produces soles orthopedic but also and especially of Orthopedic shoes, it is a professional level bac + 3, singled out by a BTS. These achievements can be done only on doctor's prescription.
The Podiatrist performs orthotic insoles and the pedicure, it has a different approach because of its status as a paramedic. One of the peculiarities of the profession of podiatry – podiatry is the possibility that it is known to perform certain professional acts without prior prescription and in the conditions laid down by the code of public health (article L.4322-1), and in particular the right to clinical examination and diagnosis. These are the Decree of 19 June 1985 codified in article R.4322-1 of the code of public health and the Decree of 1987 relating to the topical. Non-prescription, they are non-refundable by health insurance.
Orthopedic-orthotic is a health to the code of public health (article L.4364-1). Switchgear solutions experience "from head to toe" enabled him to understand the influences and impacts due to functional imbalances. On medical prescription, through his global vision of the static and the posture of the patient, orthopedic-orthotic analysis, designs and realizes foot orthotics to measure, in perfect harmony with the pathology, the footwear-related constraints and activity.
The potential for development in this sector of activity, in terms of public health and scientific, technological, and clinical, demonstrates the close and inseparable relationship between the diagnosis and the treatment modalities, including the use of medical devices.

Podiatry acts on the structure of the foot.
The podiatry professionals realize foot orthotics, orthotic insoles placed in the shoes of the patient. The objective is to correct postural, tendinopathy, capsulitis, neuralgia, myalgia, osteoarthritis disorders which are thus avoided or of less attenuated in their symptoms.
Many Orthotics are made:
orthoplasties custom-made, correct and protect the toes.
Others can be made only by the Podiatrist:
the orthonyxies restore the physiological curvature of the nail, the nail incarnation is thus avoided.
onychoplasties, nail prosthesis, adequately tackled the deficit of the nail.
nocturnal restraints tend to reset the position physiological teats.
The Podiatrist is entitled to prescribe some topical. Pedorthists and orthopedic surgeons and Orthotists may not prescribe.
Signs treated by podiatry:
the foot pain regardless of its location, toes, heels, ankles, plant, back of the feet... (except anti-inflammatory prescribed only by the physician)
malformation of any part of the foot,.
a concern about a change in the appearance of the footer,
the note of a third party observing a change in the market, posture...
pain of the knee, hip, back.
In the context of certain diseases, such as diabetes or Arteritis, Podiatry to prevent the complication of horns or wounds.
In athletes, certain activities increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders, and should encourage a systematic consultation of podiatrists.
As regards children, Podiatrist, pedorthist and orthopedic-orthotic undertake the manufacture of so-called stimulation (F) insoles and soles functional (B) preventing the wrong positions of adulthood.
For their comfort and to avoid deforming attitudes, seniors are often brought in to consult.

0 Insoles what are they?

Custom-made, insoles are removable and placed in the shoe. They let you unload joints, stimulate failing muscles to correct the wrong positions and static disorders.
They are recommended in the case of Plantar collapses, valgus calcaneens of thorns calcaneennes of hollow feet, disorders of posture, of unequal length, traumatic injuries, metatarsalgia, tendinopathies and keratomes Plantar.
Orthotic insoles are made following a thorough clinical trial taking into account the onset of disorders, pain, history and the environment of the patient. This study is done statically (taken impression), and dynamic. The professional will perform a review of radiological images, the foot, the upper joints (knees, basin, spine) and shoes while taking into account the position of the patient.
They are developed following a medical prescription.
The insoles are made by milling or thermoformed in adequacy with the shoes of the patient.

0 History of shoes

The shoes are an item of clothing whose role is to protect the feet. The term shoe derives from the verb put, taken from the latin calceare 'put shoes '. The oldest shoe in the world has 5,500 years and were discovered in a cave azerbaidjannaise. A shoe is composed primarily of the bottom components, lower part which protects the soles of the feet, more or less relieved at the rear by the heel and the stem upper which wraps the foot and which comprises essentially the upper (front part of the stem of a shoe, the instep to the tip, also called slap), neighbourhoods (two parts forming the back of the stem) and tab. When the stem covers the leg (and keeps the ankle), talking about boots. Otherwise, talking about shoe. The shape of shoes can vary infinitely, especially depending on the mode. The leather is the material most commonly used to make shoes. The specialist artisan of the shoe repair is the Shoemaker, business that has strongly declined in Western countries.

The oldest shoe
The "first" shoe dates from the fourth Millennium b.c. and was discovered in Armenia. It is a piece of leather sewn to cover a front foot. The Iceman, one or two centuries later, was equipped with moccasins.
The shoes have evolved throughout the history of the costume.
In the 15th century, the beakhead shoes are long and slender. They were designed to adhere the nearest possible of the toes. This model gave birth to the toe shoes who married perfectly the form of the toes. In the 16th century, the bear's foot or duck-billed shoes are in vogue. They are very open to wide square end shoes whose end could reach 15 cm wide. They settle on the instep with a strap. In the 19th century, shoes-wear on the shoe to protect it from the dirt of the street.

0 About insoles

A sole is the bottom of a shoe. It can be made of rubber, leather or other materials. It can be any flat or heel. You can protect the sole of his shoes by a shoemaker.
Also known as sole one-piece removable inside a shoe, raised on its merits.

Removable insole

These soles are often present original in sport shoes.
You can also buy shoes, all made to be placed inside the shoe.
There are also the so-called "insoles". They can be made to measure in the case of hallux valgus, leg higher than the other, cavus foot or feet or legs flat. The Podiatrist in the factory.
Many materials are used for the manufacture of removable insoles of shoes: Cork and leather, gel, foam, rubber, foam memory etc... They are sold by size with differences between men and women. You must choose the sole depending on the problem: non-slip sole, tendonitis to repeat, onions, or other.