Monday, 26 November 2012

0 Insoles what are they?

Custom-made, insoles are removable and placed in the shoe. They let you unload joints, stimulate failing muscles to correct the wrong positions and static disorders.
They are recommended in the case of Plantar collapses, valgus calcaneens of thorns calcaneennes of hollow feet, disorders of posture, of unequal length, traumatic injuries, metatarsalgia, tendinopathies and keratomes Plantar.
Orthotic insoles are made following a thorough clinical trial taking into account the onset of disorders, pain, history and the environment of the patient. This study is done statically (taken impression), and dynamic. The professional will perform a review of radiological images, the foot, the upper joints (knees, basin, spine) and shoes while taking into account the position of the patient.
They are developed following a medical prescription.
The insoles are made by milling or thermoformed in adequacy with the shoes of the patient.


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