Tuesday, 27 November 2012

0 posture technique to for increasing height

Posture can increase your height by quite alot.

Posturologi is a treatment technique in which one focuses on the patient's posture. Subject based on ear-acupuncture, on schedule by several French faculty. Treatment is on the rise in several European countries, including Denmark and Germany.

Norwegian Orthopaedic Institute has been with posturologi since 2001. Our experience shows that when you can combine posturologi with the orthopaedic profession, then you can achieve a better outcome for patients. By using posturologi, you have a tool where you can do something about the cause of very many problems related to muscular and skeletal system.
"Posturologi is not alternative medicine, but a new method which combines several medical fields, and look more closely at the cause rather than the symptoms."
-Dr. Bernard, president of C.I.E.S. Bricot

The posturale system (PS) whose mission is to keep your body as much as possible vertically and horizontally. The attitude maintained by tonic muscles, muscle man can't control consciously. They work only after the impulses from the PS, which is located in the brain.

PS using multiple "radar" in order to be able to control their impulses to tonic musculature. From the base the information on how to stand on the ground. Your eyes tell you about how you stand in the room and balance organ in the ear, orient about gravity and the rotation of the body. The skin and muscles of the elbow joint.

During an examination, the patient considered in standing and sitting position. Post urologen (a specialist in attitude) looking for distortions and rotations in the patient. One is considered from the side, from behind and from the front. Values that one in particular is concerned, the shoulders and the pelvis.

-got sciatica
-Hip pains
-headaches migraine.
-neck pain \ wiplash
-knee pain
-muscle stiffness in one body half
-back pain


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