Tuesday, 27 November 2012

0 softmoves insoles

Finally, the right product for the care of the feet, especially during the summer provides a great shock absorption and the freedom to use any kind of shoes.
SoftMoves pads feature a unique design that allows them to remain exactly where you need not fall, slide or move.
You can attach directly to your feet and enjoy the convenience of these pillows soft gel, even without shoes.
Ideal for use in sandals or flip-flops and shoes with heels or toes.
gel solution of SoftMoves impact absorbing, attaches directly to foot or shoe to absorb shocks and ensure comfort padded where necessary. Best of all, adhesive gel pads are transparent and SoftMoves to go unnoticed in any style of shoe.
Convenient solution for Sandals come in a presentation:
1 pair of SoftMoves pads at forefoot.
SoftMoves 1 pair of heel pads.


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