Wednesday, 28 November 2012

0 Great custom made insoles

Ultimate comfort
Each person is unique, as no pairs of feet as another. Wolky manufactures foot beds according to their individual claim. For years, Joyce has clear ideas in relation to feet support. This is plain to see extra on our standard foot beds, which are processed in our shoe and sandal collection. Where comfort and quality are the most important aspects.
We offer the feet support individual therefore customers with special needs program.

Feet support individual
This foot beds, Joyce goes a step further. Feet support individual is intended for people who need a footbed that is made to measure.
With feet support individual you choose:
-A perfect fit, because the foot bed is customized
-Optimal support to prevention and reduction of complaints
-High quality materials increase the comfort
-Leather which meets the strictest environmental requirements, chrome free tanned, this skin-friendly and non-allergenic

Their insoles are made after a thorough analysis (scan) your feet. The digital scan of your foot is sent and then cut out with a computer-controlled milling machine. Then the foot beds by hand be elaborated further. To get your insoles, within a very short time.
Initially it may cause in some cases muscle tension or tired feet. This is completely normal, your feet must only adapt to the insole. To relax your feet, take at the foot beds out of the shoes. After approximately 2 weeks, the habituation process should be completed.


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