Wednesday, 28 November 2012

0 Features of good insoles

1. Deep heel cup
It gives firm hold of the foot and supports the natural tissue.

2. Cross arch support
It provides the natural and correct state.

3. Inner and outer
Longitudinal arch support
It gives balance the foot occur.

4. Flip-flops
It enables the optimal guiding of the toes for a natural running
movement of the foot.

5 Cork LaTeX insoles
It is extremely flexible and
provides for the unique
very comfortable to wear.

6. Suede cover
It ensures
a good climate
all around the foot.

7 Bed edge
He was pulled up extra, to protect the toes.
Birkenstock is the inventor of the first, flexible Cork deep foot bed of the world. Only the best raw materials are used for the original Birkenstock insoles:
light Cork, finest jute yarns and high-quality natural latex.

These valuable materials contribute to the exceptional comfort of Birkenstock shoes.

No part of the body is similar to heavily polluted in the course of life as the foot. Heavy duties fall to him. The foot - or better: the feet keep the body in balance, they absorb vibrations and wear the whole body weight. Therefore, it is important to support the feet - especially when walking on hard floors as much as possible.

The anatomical shape of the original Birkenstock foot bed allows the even distribution of body weight over the entire surface of the foot and supports the foot in a perfect way.


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