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0 Orthopedic insoles and foot beds the benifits

Orthopedic insoles and foot beds

Benefits of orthopaedic insoles:
  • relieve foot
  • distribute press
  • correct the offset the stance
  • -elieve your legs so that you don't become stiff and tired
  • apply the leg length difference
To those who have big problems with their feet, it may be appropriate to create smooth foot beds in order to get an optimal result.
The sole is made from a footprint the casting of the foot, clinical examination of the foot and the conversation with the patient.

Materials we use vary, from which properties we want sole. Cork, leather, leather, plastics and rubber are some of the different raw materials we use.
All of the soles that are produced are supplied with warranty. This means that all correction during the first 6 months are free of charge.

Cross-Platform Foot \ Flat-footed

Pain may occur because it is cross-platform feet length flat-footed. Cross-platform feet are like a "national disease" to rain. In today's civilized society where you go with the "modern" shoes, and foot on artificial surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Muscles under foot is not stimulated properly, thus dwindling part of your foot's natural features.

Flat feet: the inner length bow is sunk. There will be over stretched muscles and ligaments, bones are displaced relative to each other.

Cross-platform feet: Sunken foot.. Joints of heel is lower down. One can be the length and cross-platform shoes at the same time, or just one of the parts.

When the foot is changing its position and losing his bow, the blood vessels and nerves that are otherwise protected under the arch, also have bad conditions. Muscles of the soles are relaxing and losing power because they are not being used.
The muscles that run up the back of the leg will be this overworked because their working conditions.

Thus, flat-footed. often result in pain in the legs. Other symptoms can be that easily get calluses under foot, shoes, underwear, sever discomfort in my knees, thighs, hips, back, neck or head.
Flat foot unit may be hereditary, but often also due to use of wrong shoe, and trampling on hard, flat surface, obesity or other conditions.

Such problems can be prevented or corrected at simple hierarchies in the shoes, but it is very important that this work is carried out by professionals. Error accumulation will be able cause placed major damage.


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