Wednesday, 28 November 2012

0 A big step in terms of comfort insoles

A big step in terms of comfort
Wolky foot beds are known for their convenience, one might ask whether it is more convenient. We can assure you, yes it is possible if the soles are individually designed.
Since Joyce wants to go even more special on the questions and wishes of its customers, the 'FS' program has been developed. These deposits are made to any inconvenience caused during the run and to counteract or to relieve and to offer even more comfort and support. The Wolky FS is not correct, but they are for optimum comfort, prevention or relief of not yet painful inconvenience.

Joyce has developed for an optimal fit in cooperation with the company of LFT, 4 different versions (Anatomy and hardness). After a few short questions and a precise foot analysis is selected which footbed for you is best suited.
The feet support foot beds are made from the best materials and all have a leather cover which corresponds to the strictest environmental requirements. No chrome is used in the tanning process, as a result, these foot beds are skin-friendly and non-allergenic.

Wolky feet support insoles help following inconvenience;
-Burning or inflamed feet
-Tired feet
-Sensitive hoes
-Unstable heels
-Reduced Vorfuβ
-Reduced Mittelfuβ
-Sensitive Shins


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