Monday, 26 November 2012

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Medical Formthotics for problem feet!

-the medical product range of Formthotics is used by hight increasing insoles group around the world to treat a wide variety of foot and leg disorders such as hælsmerter, Shin splints and Achilles tendon injuries/damage.

Like most great inventions was the discovery of Formthotics very simple. A doctor wondered foot and leg problems when he went walking along the beach one day. He noticed his footprints in the sand and realized that most modern surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, are hard and flat, and thereby forcing our feet to distort and flatten, causing pain and discomfort.

Soft surfaces, such as sand, adapts to our foot forms and curves. He decided that if he made a special insole which shaped themselves according to the exact form of his patient footprint inside their shoes, he would be able to fix many of his patients ' foot and leg problems.

The extent of Formthotics medical has been developed in order to put your natural footprint back into your shoes.
Medical Formthotics provides long-lasting comfort and reduces fatigue/exhaustion, by supporting your entire foot and distributes this weight and pressure evenly. Their ability to stabilize the feet allows your body to function as it was designed for.

To make it easy for your feet specialist to identify the correct Formthotics model that matches your foot problem, your body weight and your level of activity, we have categorised our medical product range of Formthotics in two product categories-Classic and Formthotics Formthotics Select.

Formthotics Classic
Our product range of individual heat-mold Formthotics insoles for use in professional, personalised orthopaedic therapy. Formthotics Classic offers a proven and effective orthopaedic design which has been used by professionals within the health industry worldwide for more than 20 years.

Formthotics Select
Our product range of design customized orthopaedic insoles, where each model is designed specifically for use when comfort, accuracy ift. adaptation and suitability for specific problems with feet and pain in the lower limbs are immediate priorities for orthopaedic treatment.


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