Monday, 26 November 2012

0 About insoles

A sole is the bottom of a shoe. It can be made of rubber, leather or other materials. It can be any flat or heel. You can protect the sole of his shoes by a shoemaker.
Also known as sole one-piece removable inside a shoe, raised on its merits.

Removable insole

These soles are often present original in sport shoes.
You can also buy shoes, all made to be placed inside the shoe.
There are also the so-called "insoles". They can be made to measure in the case of hallux valgus, leg higher than the other, cavus foot or feet or legs flat. The Podiatrist in the factory.
Many materials are used for the manufacture of removable insoles of shoes: Cork and leather, gel, foam, rubber, foam memory etc... They are sold by size with differences between men and women. You must choose the sole depending on the problem: non-slip sole, tendonitis to repeat, onions, or other.


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